Photography courtesy of Jelena (Jelly) Luise

Louis Abbas is an Elite Level 4 Personal Trainer with extensive experience as an England Athletics leader in running fitness and an Advanced Boxing Instructor Accredited by Hatton Academy.

For the past two decades, Louis has been committed to training a loyal client base and helping them conquer their fitness goals.

Louis always provides an unprecedented level of dedication, discretion and attention to detail.

He has worked at the upper echelon of the industry since 2007 in private locations such as Hyde Park One, Bvlgari and Royal Garden Hotel, training international business leaders and high-profile public figures.


With a strong competitive sports background, Louis understands first-hand the importance of dedication, consistency and good nutrition.

He believes training must never become a chore, therefore he always customises sessions for each client, in order to keep them dynamic and progressive.


Louis has a strong boxing background and has been involved in the sport for the last two decades.

He is currently part of a training camp as a coach in charge of cardiovascular fitness for a professional boxer in the light middleweight division.


Running makes up much of Louis’s daily training sessions. 

As an England Athletics leader in running fitness, he is committed to coaching his clients in order to build their running fitness and endurance. 


I am very proud to say Louis has been my PT for well over a decade. He has helped me achieve every fitness goal I have ever had. This has included getting me back into the best shape after having my children and also running multiple half marathons.


Louis is a mobile personal trainer providing a very high service of training in various outdoor Cambridge and central London locations and is available to train, by appointment, for indoor one-to-one gym sessions at Aquilla in Knightsbridge.

Louis can also provide bespoke personal training, running or boxing sessions for groups or couples either in the gym, outdoors or at your home.

Please get in touch for price packages and to book an initial consultation.